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My Final Project Blog Post

This is my very last project blog post. I’m finding it very hard to believe that I am at this stage already, and that I have managed to complete what I have. When I attended the very first project class with Clare, I was completely over whelmed by everything that I would need to complete. At the end of the class Clare told us that we will reach the end of our project and think to ourselves “Phew – I did it!” And to be honest, I didn’t think that I would be able to complete everything in the necessary time frame. At the time I was thinking “How on earth am I going to be able to do this?” But here I am – Clare was right! Read more…


Project Progress and Seminar 2

Project Progress

This week I have been spending a lot of time on my project report. I have been doing A LOT of proof reading to ensure that I haven’t missed anything, that everything is correct, and that it is easy to follow and understand. This week alone I have spent almost 30 hours working on my project, and of course this no longer includes the time at SQL Services.

This week I have completed writing about my placement evaluation, my conclusion, my acknowledgements, and my report abstract. I have also added to my appendices, added further references and cross-references, inserted appropriate captions, and proof read/tidied up my entire report. I’m trying very hard to have my report written and formatted in a very easy to follow, and understand way. During this time I have also attended the second seminar (which I’ll discuss soon) and started to draft different poster designs. Read more…

My final week at SQL Services

Monday 12.10.15

This week was my final week at SQL Services – I can’t believe that it has come by so fast! This week was also the first week of term four, so I’m back to attending my classes.

I spent the majority of Monday working through the SSL self-paced training exercise. I completed the third stage by completing the following tasks:

Stage 3 – Full back-up

  • Create database on above SQL Server called BasicFullDB (10MB Data, 5MB Log).
  • Change database owner to sa.
  • Ensure recovery model is set to full.
  • Create a maintenance plan to back-up the database daily, with hourly log backups, retaining full backups for 2 days and log backups for 48 hours.
  • Run the full backup job created from the maintenance plan.
  • Create table in BasicFullDB called tTest. Add one column as integer (Primary Key), one as varchar (10), and one as date/time.
  • Add a few rows of sample data to the table.
  • Run the log backup job created from the maintenance plan.
  • Run a manual corruption check on the database.
  • Expected result is a maintenance plan which has 2 associated jobs. Also a full backup file and a log backup file. Finally a clean corruption check.
  • Report findings to DBASM.

Read more…

JIBO – Worlds First Home Robot

Quite a wee while ago now I came across a video about a home robot called ‘Jibo’. I completely forgot about this until I recently came across one of my previous posts about it on the NMIT-IT Facebook group. So I decided to do a post dedicated to Jibo!

Capture Read more…

My 11th week at SQL Services

Monday 05.10.15

This week was the second week of the term break so I was still at SQL Services full time. When I first arrived on Monday I was informed that some of the DBA handbook information hadn’t been included. This meant that it wasn’t included on the SharePoint page either.

So I spent the morning gathering all of the missed information, ensuring it was worded correctly, and reformatting it. A lot of the missed information needed to be reformatted so that it would be consistent with the rest of the DBA handbook information. I then spent the remainder of the day transferring the missed information onto SharePoint and reformatted it within SharePoint as well. Read more…

Oracle vs. SQL Server

This week I decided to write a blog post all about the comparison between SQL Server and Oracle. In my opinion I prefer to use SQL Server as this is what I have the most experience with. I have used Oracle for the duration of my DAT 701 paper, and it did take me a while to get the hang of it – but that’s the same with anything new.

There are a lot of similarities between SQL Server and Oracle, but there are also quite a few differences. So I went ahead and completed some online research about SQL Server and Oracle and this is what I found. One of the most helpful things that I found was a blog that was written by Josh Stansfield. I thought that this particular blog post was really interesting to read. Below I have included the information which I learnt from this blog post. If you would like to check out this blog post yourself, here is the link. Read more…

My 10th week at SQL Services

Monday 28.09.15

Because this week was the first week of the term break, I was at SQL Services full time (and I will be next week as well). I spent the majority of Monday morning with Jocelyn while she took me through the reporting process. Even though I already had a brief understanding of the reporting process, we thought that it could still be interesting to go through it together. That way I can learn a bit more and gain a better understanding. Also, the Connect Wise licence still hadn’t arrived so it would also be a good time-filler.

Since I already knew all the basics, Jocelyn was able to take me through a much more in-depth explanation for the process. She also gave me a few handy tips for how to write a good report. Although this isn’t something which I will be doing during my project, it does help me understand what SQL Services actually does for there clients. Plus I really enjoy getting a taste for what I could be doing as a database administrator. Read more…

Joins (SQL Server)

This week I have decided to write a blog post about some different types of joins. As you may already know, there are a lot of different types. So for this blog I will just be doing a quick summary of an inner join, an outer join (left, right and full), a cross join, a self join and a multi-attribute join.

If you would like to learn about join fundamentals, here is a great link.

Read more…

My 9th Week at SQL Services

This week was a pretty slow week of work placement. Because I have been waiting for my Connect Wise licence to arrive, I have been trying to keep busy with other tasks. However, there doesn’t seem to be that many available for me to do. Without my Connect Wise licence I am unable to begin my next task. Fingers crossed it arrives by next week as I would hate to finish up my time at SQL Services, and not be able to complete everything which Adam has asked.

Monday 21.09.15

When I first arrived at SQL Services on Monday I approached Adam and asked if there were any tasks that he would like me to complete while I am waiting for my Connect Wise licence to arrive. He said that he would see if the SQL Server 2016 pack is available, and if it was that he would like me to start installing it onto some of my labs.

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The 8th ‘P’ – First week with Olivia

I found this weeks class of Social Media to be quite interesting. Last week was Clare’s last week taking the class, so Olivia has now taken over. Now that she is taking over the class, we will be looking at social media more through the eyes of marketing rather than IT.

Social medias role in  business is to increase brand awareness, to increase web traffic and links, to improve customer relationships, and for education purposes (both from the company and the consumer).

One of the first things which she discussed were the 7 p’s in the marketing mix. I have listed the 7 p’s below.

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Promotion
  4. Place/Distribution
  5. Processes
  6. People
  7. Physical Evidence

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